I owe Little Bean Blue a dollar

Dear fans of Haught Feelings,

I need a little favour. I need you to make sure I don’t forget something.

You see I owe a cafe in the Melbourne CBD a dollar.

Here’s how it happened. I went into the shop this morning and, just as I was about to approach the little take-your-order area, realised I was badly short of walletal cash.

When I’m not hiding behind my keyboard writing sarcastic (and what have been referred to as “quasi-intellectual”) complaint emails I roam the real world as a graceless buffoon. For that reason, once I discovered that I was at least a dollar short, I made the decision to crouch in the doorway and rummage for a gold coin that I have intermittently sighted, Emmaville Panther-like, at the bottom of my satchel.

My preposterous delving and scratching may well have lasted for several hours had the barista not stopped me by calling “Jonathan – strong latte!”

I only heard about Little Bean Blue a little while ago and have been in about ten times ever. In the last week I think I might have been in four times. Somehow, in that minuscule amount of time, the regular barista – with whom I’ve shared no more than three words on any given day – has not only learned my name, but also my preferred coffee AND is happy to start making it before I’ve even proved my ability to make a commercial transaction.

When I started gibbering like a hitherto-cloistered middle-aged man who’s just been approached by an attractive (usually slightly younger) woman in a formulaic romantic comedy, the barista assured “You can pay later.”

Going to be honest: in love. Not just with the barista, but the cafe generally. Not only do they do the photographic memory thing, they make a fine, fine coffee.

Which is why I’m asking for this favour – don’t let me forget over the weekend that I owe Little Bean Blue a dollar!

With fondness that doesn’t require any artificial sweetener,


  1. OK Johnathan, don’t forget: Little Blue Bean owes you a dollar.

    • Stu
    • May 25th, 2012

    Ha like the reason I stared to go to switchboard for coffee within a week they would just make my coffee with no words required. Now we are such regulars that we give Christmas gifts to each other. Also make bloody great coffee.

  2. Have you paid them the dollar yet?

      • Haught Blog
      • May 30th, 2012

      Yes, and thank you for asking. Still haven’t had a bad coffee from them, by the way.

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